Heavy Metal For Bass
By: Don Wirth

Drawing in Bassmaster Magazine showing Silver Buddy Lure

In the deep, clear, highland reservoirs of the Southeast, where giant smallmouths lurk, it takes unusual dedication and skill and an unusual bass lure - to hit the jackpot. One such lure is the Silver Buddy, a thin, metal vibrating lure. The Buddy is stamped from stainless steel, then a lead weight is strategically added to give it ,a unique profile and action.

Byrdstown, Tenn., guide Marvin Clayhorn relies on the Silver Buddy when hunting the string-stretching small-mouth of nearby Dale Hollow Reservoir.

"I've caught smallmouths over 7 pounds on the Silver Buddy and feels it's a great lure choice in deep. cold water," Clayborn says. "Always fish it on baitcasting equipment, and try 12-pound line in clear water."

Clayhorn gets his Buddy out when the water drops below, 48 degrees. "Here. the bass are inactive and won't hit anything unless you drop it on their noses.The Buddy falls extremely fast. which makes it nice in deep water. It's one of the few baits I can fish fast in 30-foot water."

For his biggest smallmouth. Clayborn searches out steep shale banks with a 45-degree slope. submerged humps with 20 to 30 feet of water on top,and deep points with a fast taper into a river channel. "In cold water, I'll fish it slow." he says. "The bait has such tremendous vibration that you're tempted to reel it fast so it'll flash more. hut on smallmouths,you've got to barely move it." Clayborn makes a long cast and lets the lure drop on a tight line. Once it hits bottom, he pulls it with a short movement of the rod tip.

Just move it enough to feel the vibration, then let it fall back to the bottom." he advises The Silver Buddy looks like it would hang everything in sight but it's remarkably snag-free. "I work it through unbelievable stump beds." Clayborn says. "The nose of the bait turns down, and it bumps over most objects. The hooks run straight back when it's moving. It you do hang it, don't tighten down hard and sink the hooks into the snag – get over the bait and shake the rod tip, and it'll come free."

Clayborn has a trick that maximizes the lure's already stunning action. "Bend the tail of the bait to the right or left about 1/16 inch. and it'll fall in a swimming motion when you drop it." He says bass will really nail this bait so hangon! They hit harder and deeper than any bait I've ever fished." he claims.

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